Joe, a hard-boiled, hard-stitched, private detective moonlighting as a hit-man, has to make the ultimate choice to protect those dear to him. A film-noir, stop-motion animation by Jessica Harris. Screened at film festivals all over the world! 

Crochet Noir combines my love of the dark, sombre world of noir, with the hand-made warmth of crochet. Wanting to replicate the postwar Hollywood Noir look in all elements of design, I sewed the puppets tiny clothes, styled the hair, and spent hours online searching for miniature pocket-watches and revolvers. 

The story focuses on Joe, a private detective who isn’t what he seems. Trapped and unable to make any lasting connections, he battles between what is right and what he must do to protect his younger brother, Tony. 

A lot of time went into designing the puppets, especially the face and hands, to ensure complex emotions would convey. I think the great quality of stop-motion animation is the authenticity it communicates, and while the nature of animation is always going to involve a tremendous amount of work, I found the experience was equally fulfilling. Crochet Noir is a project I hope to continue in the future.