‘Crochet Noir’ was my final year film. An 8 minute stop-motion animation about Joe, a private detective who isn’t what he seems. Trapped and unable to make any lasting connections, he battles between what is right and what he must do to protect his younger brother. Click the image to watch the film!


A young boy is separated from his mother in the city. Lost and alone, the boy befriends a homeless man and together they wander the back alleys of a city under construction. Click the image to watch the film!


A background character I animated for the short film ‘The Orchestra’. Find out more about the film here


30 second project for my first year in masters that ended up three times the length. All hand-drawn on paper and photographed. Each frame had the white background removed in photoshop. Background was painted with gouache on watercolour paper.


A rotoscope exercise I did in my first year of masters. Drawn by hand on ones and then photographed. Part of the assignment was to have a transformation.